Friendly City Yangzhou, China

This page describes the city of Yangzhou, Porirua City's Friendly City in China.

Yangzhou is a large modern Chinese city

The city of Yangzhou is located on the Beijing — Shanghai Expressway in central Jiangsu Province, where the historic Beijing – Hangzhou Grand Canal joins the mighty Yangtze River.  The greater Yangzhou area has a population of five million people.

Yangzhou’s 2,500 years of history have left it with a rich heritage.  Cultural sites of interest include the city ruins of the Tang and Song Dynasties, and The Marco Polo Memorial Hall marks the famous Italian’s stay in the city.  Yangzhou’s historical significance and natural attractions such as the Slender West Lake Scenic Area bring tourists from around China and overseas.  The city is also renowned  for its traditional arts and crafts such as the beautiful Yangzhou lacquer ware and jade carvings.

Yangzhou enjoys a pleasant climate and abundant harvests, and is known as the ‘Land of Fish and Rice’.  Major industries include automobiles, shipbuilding, electric cables, chemicals, fabrics, and food processing. Yangzhou is relatively advanced in higher education, its six tertiary institutions having a total student enrolment of 27,000 people.

Yangzhou is experiencing rapid economic growth.  In 2004 its first rail link was opened, providing a daily express service to Beijing, taking just ten hours.  In May 2005, the magnificent Yangzhou –Zhenjiang Yangtze River Bridge was opened, making the city a strategic transport hub for the Yangtze River Delta Region. 

On 18th April 2002 Porirua and Yangzhou entered into a formal Friendly City link. 

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