Council Branding

This page explains the Porirua City Council branding and visual strategy.

Corporate branding

Porirua City Council has a corporate brand used in all communications, signage and livery.

The branding aims to raise the profile of Council information, services and facilities, bring consistency to the look and standard of Council communication and make the design and production of communication materials more efficient and cost effective.

The corporate identity comprises four primary components:

Council Logo

The Porirua City Council logo has evolved from the previous logo developed in 1995.  The graphic element of the logo reflects the configuration of the city, shaped by the coastline and hills, from Pukerua Bay in the north, to the southern-most suburbs of the city.  The distinctive outline of Whitireia Hill is retained as are the green and blue hues, reminiscent of the hills and sea.  The italicised words and slightly slanted orientation of the graphic element indicate the confident, forward-looking attitude of the Council.

Porirua City Council logo.

The 'pulse'

The 'pulse' shows how the work of the Council continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week and, like the beat of a heart, is vital in maintaining the function and vitality of our community.

It illustrates the Council's connections with its partners and communities and the innovative ways we work together to address challenges, solve problems and improve services.

The design also reflects how the Council's role varies according to the circumstances - as champion, supporter or partner - towards the achievement of our community's needs.

The 'pulse' image used in Porirua City Council branding.

The colour palette

The colour palette features a wide range of vibrant colours reflecting the colours of our natural environment and the diversity and youthful energy of the people in our city.

The Porirua City Council colour palette.


At Porirua City Council the needs and aspirations of the city's people are its priority.  Photographs featuring the city's residents or Council staff going about their various activities around the city are used wherever possible, and a selection of our favourites can be seen in this website's banner images.

Corporate branding development

The corporate branding was developed in consultation with Council staff and management by local Porirua graphic design company Pogo Design


Contact Details

For more information, please contact: 

Communications Unit
Porirua City Council
PO Box 50218
Porirua City
phone +64 4 237 5089